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US is opening more jobs, Apply now! - Read this article (US Created Another 192,000 Jobs: Look for Jobs Now!)

Michigan in Need of Workers with College Degrees

Michigan is one of the states in the US that suffered in the economy downfall in 2008. They lost a lot of skilled workers that caused their current economy to struggle.

Last month, the State of Michigan was challenge by Gov. Snyder. He was citing the labor shortage at the Mackinac Policy Conference, he said “The place that does this the best over the next few years will have a strategic economic advantage,”.

Gov. Rick Snyder pointed out programs that will help Michigan in this critical challenge. He cited programs like Michigan Advanced Technician Training where businesses and employers from the city of Michigan pay for tuition for new employees that could rotate in having a degree to working cycle.

Snyder’s move could be a big help with the state’s economy but according to economy experts, this “skill gap” (which they call it) could not be helped with any skill or degree programs that they are trying to work on.

The downfall of economy cost the state of Michigan 800,000 jobs. Unemployment rate rose to 14.2% in 2009 but gradually falling to 7.4% this year. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.5 million vacancies were listed as of April 2014.

Sectors with job vacancies include:
Business/Professional Services – 800,000

Food/Bars/Restaurants – 600,000

Health Care – 600,000

US is opening more jobs, Apply now! - Read this article (US Created Another 192,000 Jobs: Look for Jobs Now!)

Manufacturing/Factories – 272,000

Construction – 94,000

Among other jobs that are open or expected to be in demand in years ahead:

The jobs or sectors that are going to be in-demand in the coming years include engineers, truck drivers, construction workers, and nurses.

There are many engineering firms that are looking for engineers this month with vacancies reaching up to 4,500. Skilled engineers in the wireless and automotive industry could be the perfect qualification for this.

The demand of truck drivers is actually skyrocketing and it is also expected to double or even triple in the next 5 years. Applications from trucking firms were reportedly falling from 5 applications a week to two a month. A freight company in the state claimed that they could hire more drivers if they qualified.

The demand of nurses is also growing and is expected to grow by up to 3.5 million in the next 5 years. According to Michigan Center for Nursing, the health care sector in the state will soon lose a huge number as nurses currently registered working in the hospitals are closing in to retirement. This will allow the state to demand and hire more new registered nurses.

Economists claimed that by 2025, the West Michigan alone will be needing 38,000 workers with a 4-year college degree.

National Jobs Bank Website Launched with 16,000 Job Vacancies and Growing

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency or WDA has officially launched the National Jobs Bank on monday in Singapore listing 16,000 job positions upon opening its gates. This will boost and improve the current economy of Singapore and its citizens.

The National Jobs Bank plan was first announced by the Manpower Ministry last year (2013). This website aims to help match the job seekers and employers in the businesses in Singapore. It will be much easier for the applicants to look for the opportunities and target the right companies that they want to work to.

Guided by the Fair Consideration Framework, local businesses and companies in Singapore must post vacancies in the jobs bank website 14 days before applying for the Employment Pass. This is to allow time both the employers and job seekers complete their requirements and ready themselves upon application.

US is opening more jobs, Apply now! - Read this article (US Created Another 192,000 Jobs: Look for Jobs Now!)

In the testing stage of the National Jobs Bank website, or beta stage, there were more than 12,000 accounts made by new applicants and more than 4,000 job vacancies were posted by the employers. And now in it’s official launch, more and more people are signing up for accounts looking for their first jobs or new opportunities.

According to Tan Chuan-Jin, the Manpower Minister, “We are creating many job opportunities in our economy, but we need a better, more systematic way to match job seekers to vacancies,”. This website could be the perfect platform for what he said.